Discover the Benefits of Becoming a Puerto Rico Travel Expert

Now that many families have settled into a new school year and know what the vacation calendar looks like, this is a good time to start planning for a winter or spring getaway. For U.S. families, nothing beats the ease of traveling in Puerto Rico, which holds the allure of a faraway island paradise with a distinct culture but is technically a domestic travel destination. No passports are required; there’s no need for international phone plans; connectivity is reliable; English is widely spoken, and it’s easy to get around. Moreover, there are tons of activities to keep travelers of all ages busy. This slideshow will present just a few.

Old San Juan will take your family back in time, whether they are strolling the cobblestone streets or exploring Castillo San Felipe del Morro, the most famous of the Spanish forts in the area. This remarkable site lets visitors walk inside the fortress and along its walls to the iconic lookout offering impressive views of the San Juan Harbor and Atlantic Ocean. After learning about San Juan’s history, children can run around the expansive green lawn, popular for flying kites, and maybe enjoy a snow cone,50648477.html

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