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We the parents are the people and [the Scottsdale school board is] the government,” Arizona parent Michelle Dillard declared defiantly Friday on “The Ingraham Angle.” Her bold proclamation comes after Scottsdale Unified School District president Jann-Michael Greenburg was outed for allegedly maintaining an online dossier on 47 parents who publicly disagreed with his policies at school board meetings.

“We the parents are the people and [the school board is] the government and the Constitution and the laws are there to protect us against the very thing that they’re doing and trying to accuse us of doing and potentially wanting to charge us for,” Dillard told host Laura Ingraham.


“This latest scandal in Scottsdale…is proof…who[m] the label ‘domestic terrorist’ really belongs to. It’s not the parents,” fellow parent Amy Carney added.

Dillard agreed with Ingraham’s assertion that “the goal here is to intimidate parents, to scare them, to brand them as something they aren’t.”

Carney said that parents are calling for Greenburg’s resignation “because parents…felt threatened. They feel endangered.”

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Scottsdale school board President Jann-Michael Greenburg (Scottsdale Unified School District) Parents protest at a Scottsdale school board meeting. Photo courtesy Amy Carney ((Scottsdale Unified School District/Amy Carney))

“And this is not something that the district can just brush to the side,” she continued.

The Scottsdale dossier reflects a concerning trend nationwide in which school boards and the government at-large weaponize themselves against dissenting parents. Recent reports indicate that the National School Boards Association collaborated with both the Department of Justice and the White House before sending the letter comparing parents to domestic terrorists.

“[T]he emails confirm that there is a lot of collaboration going on here, but no one to stand up for the average parent,” Ingraham said.


“This is like an authoritarian regime; this is something out of Kafka going on in Scottsdale, Arizona. Politicians better pay attention and recall petitions should be undertaken,” she concluded.,50938447.html

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