Vrbo challenges Airbnb and other vacation rental competitors with Fast Start programme

Expedia Group has announced that its vacation rental brand Vrbo has launched its Fast Start programme in the UK in a bid to attract hosts from other vacation rental companies such as Airbnb.

The new programme allows property owners to transfer their ratings or Superhost status across from other travel sites; increasing the visibility of new 4.5* hosts and Superhost properties in the first 90 days to help them generate an average of a 25 per cent increase in bookings and 140 per cent in the booking value. The programme was launched in the US earlier this year and Vrbo is confident its success will be replicated in the UK, and in Canada and France, where is it also being expanded today.

The move comes following vacation rentals becoming the category of choice for travellers this year in response to the pandemic, with significant growing demand.

The initiative aims to help top vacation hosts earn more from their property by marketing themselves on Vrbo – allowing them to feature their review score based from other sites like Airbnb and displaying a ‘New to Vrbo’ badge for 90 days, so they can switch sites without losing the strong scores they have built up.

Maud Laurent, VP Product Management at Vrbo, part of Expedia Group, and Hari Nair, SVP Account Management, Expedia Group will be available for an interview to discuss the launch and the rapid rise of the vacation rental sector.,50980093.html,50980269.html–175415844/–175416129/–175415844/–175416129/–175415844/–175416129/–175415844/–175416129/–175415844/–175416129/–175415844/–175416129/–175415844/–175416129/

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