SiteMinder creates the new standard for modern hotel chains and groups to manage their distribution

LONDON, UK – SiteMinder has launched SiteMinder Multi-Property to set the new distribution management standard for modern hotel chains and groups, by giving revenue teams critical distribution controls in place of the obsolete features and high costs that typically come with legacy systems. The technology makes it possible for hotel chains and groups of all structures – from brands to clusters – to centralise the management and distribution of their rates, and easily onboard new hotel properties and staff.

With SiteMinder Multi-Property, hotel chains and groups can enter rate plans once and have the details disseminated across all their properties – a scale that is unmatched by other distribution technologies due to SiteMinder’s open connections to 1,000 property management systems, channel managers, booking channels and hotel applications. Additionally, hotel chains and groups can use SiteMinder Multi-Property to launch enterprise-wide campaigns at a fraction of the time they used to, run continuous health checks of their setup, and produce customised reports.

SiteMinder Multi-Property comes at a crucial time as travel markets reopen around the world and hotels remain challenged by a resource and skills shortage. By simplifying the complexity involved with distribution for hotel chains and groups, SiteMinder’s technology will allow revenue teams to boost their efficiency, stay nimble and drive stronger revenue outcomes than ever before.

Among the early adopters of SiteMinder Multi-Property is Minor Hotels. The chain’s vice president digital marketing, distribution, CRM, loyalty, partnerships & head of data privacy, Marcos Cadena, says the technology enables Minor Hotels to set up policy and control mechanisms centrally from its Thailand headquarters, providing it with “a single way of auditing the properties”. He adds that this is a significant time-saver for the company, estimating that the group would have to dedicate the time of 10 more people – which would mean a hit to the bottom line – if it weren’t for the technology. With plans to open 17 properties this year, Cadena also highlights the intuitive user experience of SiteMinder Multi-Property, which makes it easy to set up new hotels and train new staff.

TFE Hotels is another early adopter seeing efficiency gains. With new properties scheduled to open over the next 12 months, including nine in Europe, the chain’s director of revenue NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA & NZ, Amanda Hoolihan, highlights the scalability of SiteMinder Multi-Property, which makes it easy to both expand and consolidate the TFE Hotels portfolio. Hoolihan adds that the technology has enabled the chain to “move quickly”.

“It used to take my team a good week to load everything that was needed to roll out a company-wide promotion. SiteMinder has saved us about two days, each time,” says Hoolihan. “We generally do three to four campaigns a year that are network-wide, but at the moment we’re doing things a little bit differently and doing more. So, already, SiteMinder is saving my team around 16 days of work each year, which is incredible.” SiteMinder Multi-Property is now being used by hotels in every region globally. Other early adopters include Quest Apartment Hotels, Nesuto Hotels, and StayWell.

Speaking on the reasons for creating SiteMinder Multi-Property, SiteMinder’s chief product officer, Inga Latham, says, “We’ve worked closely with revenue and distribution professionals for many years and know that, more than any other hotel segment, multi-property groups are held back by traditional technology and fragmented structures. Legacy distribution systems have imposed high costs and provided a vast array of features and functions, which often go unused.

“SiteMinder Multi-Property lets hotel chains and groups manage their distribution on their terms. It gives them a greater capacity to innovate and compete with less time and resources. Consumer expectations have also increased over the past year and, with SiteMinder Multi-Property, hotel chains and groups can guarantee a smooth experience in the back-end to support the guest experience.”–175896711/–175902218/–175902528/–175903033/






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