Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 May 2021 Written Update: Ranveer Proposes Marriage

eh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 May 2021 episode begins offevolved with
Sirat seeing her handkerchief and Mauri asking her now no longer to think anything
negative. She comes to a decision to tie the handkerchief to the pot and asks Gayu
to offer her a brand new one. She alternatives the only in crimson and Surekha tells that
crimson isn’t Ranveers favorite coloration. She motives that there are no
yellow colored ones left. Surekha stocks that crimson is Kartiks favorite
coloration. She responds that she isn’t tying a handkerchief seeing its
coloration however doing it wholeheartedly.
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Kartik profits his awareness and reveals that the automobile met with an
twist of fate and is ready to burst. He wakes up Ranveer who’s caught in the
automobile, however Ranveer asks him to leave. At the Goenka house, the ladies
dance and enjoy. Meanwhile, here, Kartik struggles to open the seat belt
wherein Ranveer is sitting. Kairav calls Kartik. Sirat asks the duo to
come domestic earlier than the puja is over. The seat belt does now no longer open and the
automobile blasts. Sirat senses the chance however ignores her intuition.

Sirat and the Goenka own circle of relatives are greatly surprised to look Ranveer and Kartik
injured. They inform them approximately the automobile twist of fate, even as Ranveer praises
Kartik. He says that if there had been every other individual, they could have
rushed to shop their lifestyles however he stored Ranveers lifestyles. Sirat says that
Kartik is a one of a kind individual and the Goenkas stand greatly surprised.

Furthermore, Akhilesh asks Sirat to offer first resource to Ranveer and the
own circle of relatives looks after him. Ranveer is scared and asks Sirat to marry him
as quickly as possible. He provides that he can’t watch for the marriage after
the twist of fate. She is of the same opinion and he beams with happiness. The own circle of relatives is
greatly surprised to pay attention the news, even as Mauri, too, begins offevolved worrying. Ranveer
assures Sirat and others approximately the marriage, even as Manish thinks it is
properly that Sirat is sooner or later on foot farfar from Kartiks lifestyles. She asks
Kartik approximately her choice and he extends his support.
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and Kairav are enthusiastic about Sirats wedding. Gayu asks her to first
entire the puja. Surekha well-knownshows to Ranveer how Sairat failed to give
his favorite colored handkerchief. Ranveer tells Sirat and others that
crimson is his favorite coloration. The own circle of relatives plays the puja, even as Kartik
recollects his moments with Naira.
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