You! see exactly the way the money moves!

The problem has long plagued bank robbers and drug smugglers: how to transport and hide huge sums of ill-gotten gains without getting caught?

In the past few years, ransomware hackers have found an almost perfect solution — cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It’s fast. It’s easy. Best of all, it’s largely anonymous and hard to trace.–166462494/–166462555/–166462494/–166462555/–166462494/–166462555/

“You now have a possibility to move millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency across national boundaries in seconds,” said Yonatan Striem-Amit, a co-founder of Cybereason, a Boston-based company that offers protection from hackers.

“It really is a very powerful tool in the hands of criminals to perform money laundering, to shift currency from one state to another in a way that’s in a sense untraceable and definitely uncontrollable.”

Until recently, many cyber crimes involved the small-scale theft of individual credit cards or bank accounts.

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